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Mission Statement

Established on the foundation that crime can be prevented, the Ohio Crime Prevention Association is committed to the development and advancement of a continuum of educational opportunities in crime prevention and community policing, to ultimately improve the quality of life in Ohio communities.

    • Coordinates the efforts of members representing law enforcement, government, corporate, social service, educators, the media, faith and citizen partners into a cohesive effective force, dedicated to building safer communities.

    • Provides progressive, professional training on all aspects of crime and substance abuse prevention and community policing.

    • Gathers a wide range of crime prevention and community policing resources and provides members access to them through a central Resource Center and Lending Library.

    • Promotes the beliefs of crime prevention and principles of community policing through the development of comprehensive publications and manuals.

    • Recognizes remarkable individuals for their outstanding efforts in reducing and preventing crime in Ohio.

    • Serves as a supportive authority and technical advisor to law enforcement agencies on crime prevention, community policing and related issues.

    • Collaborates with all levels of government and other organizations to maximize information sharing and resources to achieve the common goal of safer communities.

    • Prepares a cadre of presenters to train the community in effective crime prevention strategies and ways to localize initiatives to best meet the needs of a specific area.

    • Leads, at the state and national level, crime prevention projects with far-reaching, long-term community benefits.

    • Advocates for legislative action on a range of crime prevention measures, to institutionalize crime prevention as a way of life in Ohio.