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Code of Ethics

The OCPA Certified Crime Prevention Specialist must continue to affirm and attest adherence to the following standards of professional and personal responsibility.

  • To make an effort to perform my professional duties in accordance with the highest standards and principles.

  • To be exemplary in obeying federal, state and local laws and the constitution and bylaws of the Ohio Crime Prevention Association.

  • To ascribe to the belief that a reduction of crime can best be achieved through the implementation of effective crime prevention techniques.

  • To be dutiful in service of the crime prevention needs of the community which is the nucleus of our society.

  • To adhere to the principles of honesty, integrity, and confidentiality.

  • To promote the programs of the OCPA in an effort to raise the standards, improve upon the efficiency, and increase the effectiveness of crime prevention.

  • To do all things necessary and proper to promote crime prevention planning and implementation for our citizens.

  • To maintain membership in good standing with the OCPA according to the constitution and bylaws.