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Accredited Agencies and Credits

Accredited Agencies for CPS

  • Ohio Crime Prevention Association

  • Ohio School Resource Officers Association

  • Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association

  • Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police (including DARE)

  • Fraternal Order of Police (Specific Courses)

  • American Society of Industrial Security

  • Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services

  • Ohio Attorney General’s Office

  • Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (Specific Courses)

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

  • Secret Service

  • National Crime Prevention Institute

  • National Crime Prevention Council

  • Crime Prevention Coalition of America

  • International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners

  • Tri-State Regional Community Policing Institute

  • National Association of School Resource Officers

Credits Required / Calculation of Credits

In order to renew your certification. you must complete nine (9) credits during your designated three year period [Example: August 1, 2012 through July 31, 2015]. These credits are achieved from training provided by the list of accredited organizations.

  • ½ day course (4 hour training) equals ½ credit

  • One day course (6 to 8 hours training) equals one credit

  • A two to five day course equals two credits

  • A six to fifteen day course equals four credits

  • OCPA Annual Training Conference equals three credits [NEW 2010]

  • Attendance at Quarterly District Meeting equals ½ credit [NEW 2010]

  • OCPA One day course (6 to 8 hours training) equals 1-1/2 credit [NEW 2010]

  • OCPA Committee – One year service on a committee equals one credit [NEW 2010]

Thus, if you attended the OCPA Conference each year you meet the requirement.